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Why a Barium Enema?


For a single-contrast barium enema, the barium sulphate solution is a thinner consistency but a larger amount is needed to completely fill the large intestine. High kilovoltage (100-125kvp) is used to get a good penetration of the barium filled colon, and it is important to take the films as quickly as possible since the patients are very uncomfortable when the bowel is completely distended. Routine films for a single contrast study include a supine and prone abdomen film as well as both obliques to see the hepatic and spenic flexures of the large bowel. The patient will completely evacuate the bowel and one more film, the post-evacuation film (PE) usually done AP (anteroposterior, or front–to–back) supine, will be taken.


An older single contrast barium enema nozzle


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